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Professonal Services for strategic business solutions

Our goal is straightforward: we want to help you leverage technology to improve and grow your business. Whether that includes services such as designing an elegant, secure infrastructure or planning for disaster recovery or getting your entire team on board with unified communications, our engineers have the experience, track record and level of commitment you can trust for the long term.

Our greatest accomplishment is when your technology allows you to serve your clients, customers and patients better.

When a Professional Services project is planned and implemented correctly, your network and systems are always on and always working. Like gravity, as we say at Technology Force.

That's because we understand the enormous costs of downtime. One of our clients, for example, calculated that every hour of downtime costs them $10,000 in lost business. For other clients, particularly those in the financial and healthcare industries, when their systems go down, they simply can’t do business — no transactions, no access to records, no diagnostic tests, no anything. Except waiting.

From our perspective, this is unacceptable.

The technology solutions we recommend will not only keep your network running as planned, they’ll help you meet your most ambitious business goals. We identify proven, best-in-class equipment and offer you only those solutions we know will give you strategic advantages. And since subtle nuances in planning and implementation can affect network performance, we consider the significant investment we make in educating and training our engineers to be a critical component in our ability to offer you the best Professional Services in Minnesota.


We've built our reputation on delivering outstanding Professional Services you can trust, including:

Infrastructure Architecture & Design
Analyze your current systems, then engineer a stable, secure, elegantly simple network that solves your IT challenges while giving you room to grow.

Disaster Recovery Planning 
Design and build a DR solution that will meet your recovery point objectives and recovery time objectives while maintaining compliance with any regulatory requirements you may have. Solutions are designed to be tested on a regular basis to maintain compliance and ensure recoverability.

Security & Compliance 
Secures your data without hindering your ability to do your work. May include event monitoring (SEIM), data loss prevention (DLP), firewalls, logging devices and other hardware and software.

Storage & Virtualization 
Design Consolidate and virtualize a multitude of servers into a single, scalable architecture designed with complete redundancy to ensure the highest availability and performance.

Unified Communicationss
Implement a single, cost-effective platform that unifies voice, video, chat, desktop collaboration and presence along with other communication tools to enhance collaboration. Systems are highly secure, reliable and feature-rich.

Technology Planning
Develop the strategic technology direction for your company for informed forecasting and budgeting. Assessments and recommendations for three- and five-year plans.


Our Professional Services lets you:

  • Build your solution strategically from the ground up
  • Operate and grow your business on a reliable, scalable and highly accessible network
  • Work more efficiently and productively, with greater opportunities for collaboration
  • Secure your systems against data breaches, including internal breaches which account for the majority of intellectual property theft
  • Outsource technology vendor management to save time and ensure smooth transitions
  • Delegate the technology portions of your internal projects
  • Trust our experienced team with each step of your project: assess, design, propose, fine tune, procure, install, implement and train

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