Managed Services

Put day-to-day network health and monitoring in the hands of the experts.

Network downtime is not only stressful and expensive, but it also interrupts user productivity. Technology Force recognizes the improtance of regular network maintenance and can help you manage these tasks by monitoring your day-to-day network health and utilization with our managed IT services.

We will keep you informed of any potential problems and take care of any network necessities ensuring the continuance of all business operations.

Managed Services at a glance:

Technology Force is a unique IT solution that provides remote monitoring and maintenance, help desk services, and onsite tech support for small & mid-size businesses.

Onsite Placement provides dedicated  technical support personnel. These qualified professionals possess the right level of technical skills and industry exposure to meet your specific needs.

Managed Systems Hosting will speed up the implementation process while minimizing the expense and risks incurred across the application life cycle, overcoming the chronic shortage of qualified technical personnel available in-house. Benefits of the Technology Force data center solutions include high bandwidth lines, full redundancy, a secured environment and management by a team of highly skilled engineers.

The move towards Managed Services allows your company to focus on your core competencies, while we focus on ours: technology. For more information or to start designing your customized managed service plan, contact us at 612.508.5665 

Technology Force offers an Enterprise level solution to small and medium size organizations for an affordable monthly rate.



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Technology Force helps our clients leverage current and emerging technologies relevant to their business. We provide consulting and services that deliver real results.

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