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Does technology support the success of my business? Will my current technology support my growth plans? What is the security posture of my network? These are all questions that keep business owners awake at night, but the computer network consultants at Technology Force can help you find the answers. We provide simple assessments and IT audits as well as complete technology plans to help you evaluate your environment and improve your business.

IT Consulting Services at a Glance:

Strategic Consulting leverages technology to improve your overall business operations by cutting costs and increasing productivity with the most complete solutions for technology planning & operations, network infrastructure, technical architecture and design & development.

Assessments provide direction on IT planning, allowing for a customized and documented technical plan designed to meet your company’s strategic needs with detailed, prioritized recommendations. Technology Force offers a variety of evaluation services including network, backup, storage, and software assessments.

Product Acquisition from Technology Force, as an authorized dealer for major hardware and software manufactures, provides you with competitive prices and quick response to make sure your technology product needs are always met.

Our industry expertise is invaluable in anticipating and identifying needs and recommending solutions that support your business goals. Contact us to learn how our IT consulting services can improve your business by calling  612.508.5665  or filling out the request form.



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Technology Force helps our clients leverage current and emerging technologies relevant to their business. We provide consulting and services that deliver real results.

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