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Cloud Services for cost effective, secure cloud solutions

With all the buzz about cloud computing, you may be wondering what this technology really means for your business.

When you use cloud computing, you’re basically using someone else’s software or hardware to operate certain aspects of your business. Cloud services allow you to scale up or scale down more easily, and reduce the costs associated with owning, maintaining, cooling, repairing and eventually replacing your own hardware.

Our engineers can help you use the cloud to your advantage without putting your information or business processes at risk.

Technology Force leverages the cloud to improve your business

For some purposes, the cloud offers tremendous advantages. For example, moving certain business processes such as spam filtering, encrypted e-mail or managed backup can make your people and systems more efficient. Even specific applications such a CRM can make sense to host in a SaaS model for some businesses.

Putting your infrastructure in the cloud, on the other hand, does not make sense. The technology still has a way to go before we’d recommend you relinquish all your hardware.

The Cloud Services we provide help you do your work efficiently and securely. We manage the services for you, including information migration.

Our Cloud Services are custom-designed can include:

Cloud Backup 
Manage backups for a cost-effective, tapeless solution that’s ideal for smaller businesses and those without IT staff. Includes restoration of any file, email or other data.

Message Filtering 
Block email threats like spam, viruses, phishing and other attacks to keep your network safe and reduce downtime.

Secure E-mail 
Encrypt outgoing email automatically to secure your customers’ data and comply with federal and state regulations. Ideal for financial, healthcare and other industries that transmit sensitive data.

Keep your data on servers in secure, continually monitored racks at our Tier 3, SAS 70 certified data center. Also an excellent solution for data recovery.

Our Cloud Services lets you:

  • Protect your network and data Expect 24/7 availability
  • Comply with regulations for your industry
  • Use the latest, most effective and secure software without having to buy it
  • Scale up or scale down quickly, which is ideal for companies with seasonal components
  • Own less hardware and reduce costs associated with maintenance, cooling and replacement
  • Get high quality services and support from experts


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